We provide flat fee severance agreement reviews.  Call  or  e-mail  us today.

We provide flat fee severance agreement reviews. Call or e-mail us today.


Flat Fee Severance Agreement Review

We schedule consultations for nights and weekends when necessary.

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what's the deal?

A severance agreement is a deal between you and your former employer.  In exchange for some severance (usually money), you are giving up your right to sue the company, and promising to go away and be quiet.  You may also be making other promises, like a promise not to compete, or to cooperate with the company if ever it needs.

We review hundreds of severance agreements for employees to make sure that, at a minimum, every single one of our clients understands their severance agreement from the first word to the last. 

You owe it to your career

We provide flat free reviews of severance agreements: $650 - no hidden fees, no additional charges.  The review, and all follow-up, will be provided by a G&S attorney.   When we are done, you will understand your severance agreement from beginning to end.   You will understand your severance agreement not only from a nuts and bolts legal perspective,  but also from a practical perspective.  We can also provide you with alternative language to propose to your employer if appropriate.  We will go through every word of your agreement to make sure that you understand it completely, and we also include three hours of follow-up, as needed.   And, if your severance can be negotiated, we can probably help with that too.

need help negotiating your severance - we can get you more

Sometimes, we negotiate on behalf of our clients.  When we do, we interact directly with your former employer and fight to get you more.  Where we do, we charge on a contingency fee basis - if you hire us to negotiate, you only pay the firm if we improve your severance.  Our standard rate is 1/3 of the gross improvement to your severance minus the $650 flat fee.

Get your agreement reviewed today

We offer 24-hour turnaround.  In other words, we can be going through every word of your severance agreement within one day of being hired.  We provide consultations over the phone, via Skype/FaceTime/WhatsApp or in person - and will work with your schedule, including early mornings and evenings.

Email or call (646-524-6001) to learn if this service is for you. 

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Flat Fee Severance Agreement Review