Wrongful Termination Lawyers

If you or a loved one believe they have been wrongfully terminated in New York City contact our New York City Wrongful Termination Lawyers today!

If you or a loved one believe they have been wrongfully terminated in New York City contact our New York City Wrongful Termination Lawyers today!

Being fired from a job is never a pleasant experience, but losing a job for unjust reasons is not only emotionally difficult, it may also be illegal. If you have lost your job and aren't sure why, you have every right to an explanation from your employer. What your employer says and does could help you build a case for unlawful termination. In New York, it is illegal to dismiss someone from a job for reasons that break anti-discrimination laws or that go against company policy.  The New York City Wrongful Termination Lawyers at Granovsky & Sundaresh are here to help.


New York State Unlawful Termination Laws

The New York State Human Rights Law (NYSHRL) and New York City Human Rights Law (NYCHRL) were enacted to prevent discrimination against protected classes. This law dictates that no employee may be discriminated against based upon gender, religion, disability, age, pregnancy, sexual orientation, gender identity, or race, including skin color, nationality, or ethnicity. That law protects those who have been fired for those discriminatory reasons as well. If you believe you have been let go by your employer for reasons like this, you can argue unlawful termination in court to try to get your job back.

Examples of discriminatory behavior could include rude or crude remarks or jokes, preferential treatment to employees at the same level of a different race, or fewer opportunities given to those in your class. Proof of these behaviors while you were employed could bolster your claim for unlawful termination.

Our New York Wrongful Termination Lawyers Can Review Your Case

New York is an “employment at will” state. This means that businesses can fire employees at any time, for any reason. However, the two major exceptions to this rule are discrimination (as outlined above) and a company’s own policy. If you signed a contract when you were hired, that contract may contain specific language about the company’s policy for terminating employment. Breaking company policy to fire someone is considered a breach of contract, and can be reason to argue unlawful termination.

Collective Bargaining

Also covered under law is collective bargaining. That means that is illegal for your employer to fire you if you were meeting with fellow employees to request better pay or treatment as a group. Being a member of a union, or trying to form a union are unacceptable reasons for your employer to dismiss you from your job.

Protect Your Rights

It has been estimated that over 250,000 jobs are lost every year due to unlawful termination. This number does not include those fired for just reasons like job performance or productivity. All of those are cases that could have been argued and won, resulting in reinstatement or restitution. Contact us if you believe you may have been wrongfully terminated, the dedicated New York City Wrongful Termination Lawyers at Granovsky & Sundaresh PLLC can help you argue your case.


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