Your Severance is Important - Make Sure You Understand It

The title pretty much says it all.  Your severance agreement is an important contract between you and your former employer.  It sets forth who can do what, when and how.  A severance agreement is about more than paying you some money.  These agreements contain provisions about cooperating with your former employer.  A severance agreement may also limit your ability to seek out a new job, clients, customers and co-workers.  Your career is worth it - have a skilled set of eyes review your severance agreement and go through it with you in paragraph-by-paragraph detail. 

We offer quick turnaround time - we can usually provide same-day service, and work on a flat fee basis.  There are no hidden expenses or fees - we offer a square deal.

The dedicated severance attorneys at Granovsky & Sundaresh are dedicated to helping employees throughout the country understand their severance agreements by conducting detailed severance agreement review.  Contact us today, you will hear back from a specialized severance lawyer within 24 hours.