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Did your employer let you go because you took time off from work for a religious holiday? Have you been denied a promotion for a position where you deal with clients because you wear religious clothing? Do supervisors or co-workers make jokes and offensive statements about your religion? This behavior is not permitted at work. Religious discrimination is an ugly thing and no employee should be subjected to it. The aggressive and dedicated religious discrimination lawyers at Granovsky & Sundaresh are committed to protecting workers from this unlawful discrimination.

About Religious Discrimination

Under employment law, you have the right to practice your religion and your employer is required to make reasonable accommodations for your religious beliefs. Your employer may not discriminate against you based on your religion, and company policy must not have the effect of discrimination against employees belonging to a specific religion. Reasonable accommodation must not create an undue hardship for your employer. Therefore, there are aspects of a job that may violate your religion, but which employers are permitted to require, such as working on the Sabbath or grooming your facial hair. Federal law applies to employers with no less than 15 employees, while New York State and City laws apply to companies with at least four workers.

Religious Discrimination in New York

In 2012, 5.2% of the New York State EEOC complaints included a claim of religious discrimination. This represents 5.4% of all sex discrimination charges filed in the U.S with the EEOC, and reflects a very slight decrease from 2011.

About Granovsky & Sundaresh, New York Religious Discrimination Lawyers

Religious discrimination is a very sensitive and complicated issue. The assistance of our experienced religious discrimination attorneys at Granovsky & Sundaresh is invaluable in helping you understand your religious rights in the workplace and how you can assert them. Our attorneys have the skills and integrity to assist you with this delicate matter.

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