Race Discrimination Lawyers

If your boss or supervisor thinks racial jokes, ethnic slurs and derogatory racial comments are no big deal or treats you worse than other workers because of your race, this is against the law and you don’t have to tolerate it. Although it is illegal for employers to alter the terms or conditions of a worker’s employment due to race, racial discrimination occurs all too frequently. At the New York law firm of Granovsky & Sundaresh, we can help. Our firm is experienced in successfully representing workers and job applicants who have experienced race discrimination.  Let our race discrimination lawyers help you fight back.

Race Discrimination in NY

Workplace race discrimination happens when your employer takes unfair, discriminatory, adverse actions against you because of your color, race, ethnicity, characteristics or features that are identified with a specific race, and/or your association or relationship with an individual of a specific race. Making decisions about your job and responsibilities that are based on assumptions and stereotypes about your traits, abilities, and performance that are attributed to you because of your race is not allowed either. Some areas where you may experience discrimination include your pay rate, promotions, job title, and benefits. If you complain about this treatment, your employer is legally prohibited from retaliating against you for this.

Laws in New York

In New York City, both state and city laws add more protection to employees against racial discrimination than federal law. And although federal law only applies to employers with at least 15 employees, in New York, businesses with at least four employees must adhere to the state’s human rights laws.

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The race discrimination attorneys at Granovsky & Sundaresh are pleased to have the opportunity to assist you. We will research your claim, review your options with you and help you aggressively pursue justice. We are dedicated to protecting your interests throughout the entire process.

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