Gender Discrimination Lawyers

Whether you’re a man or a woman, if your employer refuses to promote you because of your gender, or gives benefits and opportunities to those of the opposite sex but not to you and other co-workers of your gender, you may be experiencing gender discrimination. Federal, state and city laws prohibit this, and the New York Gender Discrimination Lawyers of Granovsky & Sundaresh are dedicated to helping workers assert their legal rights under these laws.

Gender Discrimination in New York

Federal, State and NYC law requires employers to treat men and women equally. When your employer treats you differently solely because of your gender, this may constitute unlawful gender discrimination. You are protected from this throughout every phase of the employment process, from hiring to working to termination. Some forms of gender discrimination are overt, such as only promoting men for certain positions or refusing to hire women for jobs that were historically only performed by men. Other times this discriminatory activity may be a bit more subtle: making comments about how emotional a female employee is, or stating that a woman isn’t rational enough for a certain position. Demotion or other adverse treatment of a pregnant employee because of her pregnancy is another form of gender discrimination.

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Granovsky & Sundaresh offers vigilant and comprehensive representation for gender discrimination. Our supportive counsel pursues all the available avenues under federal, state and local laws to help you obtain justice in this complex legal area.

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