Disability Discrimination Lawyers

Disability should never affect your right to obtain employment, a promotion, equal pay, benefits or subject you to unfair discipline or wrongful termination. Whether your disability is physical or mental, long-term or temporary, your employer may not discriminate against you because of it. There are various legal remedies available to you if you experience discrimination on the basis of a disability. The disability discrimination lawyers of Granovsky & Sundaresh are well-versed in fighting disability discrimination, and we are happy to explain your rights under the law and offer you the representation you deserve to protect those rights.


About Disability Discrimination

Federal law recognizes both physical and mental impairments as protected characteristics in the workplace. New York City and State laws offer more flexible standards for a showing of disability and more extensive protections. As a disabled worker, you are entitled to the same protections against discrimination afforded to other protected classes like race, gender and age. However, in the case of a disabled employee, your employer is required to make a reasonable accommodation so that you are able to perform your job duties. These accommodations can vary widely, from modified work schedules, to making your work facilities more accessible, and providing specialized equipment. An accommodation is not reasonable if it would cause undue hardship for your employer.

Disability in New York

There were approximately 328,000 workers with a disability in the state of New York in 2011. This is close to 33% of the disabled population in the state. Every one of these workers deserves the rights, protections, opportunities and respect legally afforded them, and our New York law firm is committed to upholding this objective.

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At Granovsky & Sundaresh, our talented lawyers use their many years of experience to vigorously litigate disability discrimination claims. We treat you with respect and offer honest and open communication throughout the entire process.

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