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Is a coworker of the opposite sex being paid more than you, even though you both do the same job? Is that employee’s compensation package considerably better than yours? Even if your titles are different, if you are both performing essentially the same job duties, you may have a claim for Pay Discrimination. The knowledgeable attorneys of Granovsky & Sundaresh are available to explain your rights and help you pursue a claim to obtain just compensation.  Contact us today - all emails will get a response from a lawyer within 24 hours.

About Compensation & Pay Discrimination

The federal law governing compensation and equal pay is the Equal Pay Act. The Equal Pay Act requires employers to pay their male and female workers equally for substantially equal work. The requirement for equality applies to all forms of compensation, including rate of pay, salary, overtime, profit sharing, stock options, bonus plans, holiday and vacation pay, travel expense reimbursement, and other compensation. If your employer violates this law, you have the option of filing a Charge of Discrimination with the EEOC or pursing a lawsuit in court.

Compensation and Pay Discrimination in New York

The Human Rights Laws of New State and New York City offer equal pay and compensation protection to workers of employers with at least 4 employees. Employees can sue violating employers for back pay. Employers may also have to pay a fine in the amount of $500 per violation and might even face criminal liability.

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The lawyers at Granovsky & Sundaresh understand the frustration and dissatisfaction you experience in these types of claims. We offer you the benefit of our legal experience and the consideration and sympathy you deserve while pursuing justice for you.

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