Whistle Blower Claims

Government crack-downs on industries exposed from whistle blower claims are becoming more and more prevalent in the news. In New York, if you witness unlawful practices in your job or industry, you are protected from firing and sometimes rewarded for information under the False Claims Act.. In addition to the existing protections for whistle blowers, New York is now considering an additional law that offers even more for whistle blowers. If you think you have evidence of fraud for a whistle blower claim, Granovsky & Sundaresh can help you put together your claim to help you get the maximum protection and benefit for your information.

Whistle Blower Laws

The False Claims Act of 1986 was the original whistle blower law established for New York State that offered protection against firing and sometimes part of a payout if the whistle blower’s claims led to the government recouping fraudulent funds. Now, with the spotlight on fraud in the financial industry, the state of New York is considering adding more incentive to its whistle blower laws. The proposed new law would set protections and bounties for whistle blowers giving information to the New York State Department of Financial Services (DFS) about specific violations of commodities and securities laws. Whistle blowers of this kind of information would be eligible to receive between 10 to 30 percent of payouts from the CFTC and the SEC.

Whistle Blower Claims in NY

With Wall Street’s abundance of banks, brokers, traders and investment firms, this new law, if passed, could greatly impact the number of whistle blower claims in our area. If it passes, the new legislation would offer a significant increase to whistle blowers by granting them not only a federal reward, but also a bounty from the state. The decision to pass this law will come in January 2014.

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