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As a business owner, legal contracts and agreements with your workforce are a common necessity. Whether you employ workers or utilize the services of independent contractors, it is vital that you document these business relationships in legally binding, written form. Protect your company with the skills of our experienced Drafting Agreements attorneys at Granovsky & Sundaresh, PLLC in New York. Our talented lawyers will spell out all critical topics in your agreement to help you avoid time-consuming, costly litigation in the future.

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Various agreements and contracts establish and describe the business relationship between employers and employees, as well as independent contractors and their business clients. Other employment-related agreements may detail the stipulations that accompany the termination of a business relationship.

The following are common employment-related agreements that can benefit businesses with employees or independent contractors.

Employment Contracts and Agreements Independent Consulting and Independent Contractor Agreements Severance, Separation and Termination Agreements Non-competition Agreements

Employment contracts detail the rights, responsibilities and stipulations of an employment relationship between a business and an employee. These agreements are designed to protect both parties. Meanwhile, the business relationship between an independent contractor or consultant and a company is far different from that of an employer-employee. A skillfully-drafted written agreement between a business and an independent contractor can protect business interests and prevent misunderstandings that can evolve into complicated disputes. Non-compete and separation agreements discourage employees, former employees and independent contractors from taking actions that may detrimentally affect a company, its business and intellectual property rights. Compliance with the law is essential to ensure these contracts are legally binding.

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The highly capable employment lawyers at Granovsky & Sundaresh will carefully draft your business agreements and contracts, ensuring that they spell out exactly what is desired. In addition, we’ll make sure your agreements are free from any ambiguity, and meet all city, state and federal legal requirements. Our reputable Manhattan firm boasts years of experience in the business and corporate legal fields. Our accomplished attorneys coordinate with you to learn exactly what you need and require in your business relationships, and effectively reflect this in your professional, legal agreements.

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