When Should I Call An Employment Lawyer?

While it is always lovely to speak to an employment lawyer, the best time to call typically come up in two scenarios.  First, if you think that you are going to transition jobs and second, if you think there is something illegal happening in your workplace.

Call an Employment Lawyer When You are Changing Jobs.  

When you make a career transition, it would be foolish not to have an employment lawyer look over any agreements you may have with your current employer.  These agreements may include non-compete, non-solicit, non-disclosure agreements, et cetera.  An employment lawyer can also review your agreements to make sure that you time your departure to maximize your compensation including bonus, commission, etc.  Finally, an employment lawyer can help you assess your new opportunity for contract related issues (such as compensation, non-competes, etc.), or conduct a search to determine whether or not your potential employer has sued, been sued and if so, why.

Call an Employment Lawyer When You Think Your Employer is Breaking the Law.  

If you think there is something unlawful going on in the workplace, you should contact an employment lawyer.  You may have a viable employment lawsuit. Very broadly speaking, employment lawsuits fall into two categories. The first category is discrimination, which means treating certain people differently on the basis of a “protected class.”  Protected classes include, but are not limited to: race, age, gender, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, military status, domestic violence victim, etc.  If you are aware of yourself or anyone else being treated differently on the basis of one of these protected classes, or because of complaining about such discrimination you should absolutely contact an employment attorney.  The second category is failure to pay wages.  If you and/or your colleagues are not being paid your full wages, including overtime (even if you are salaried), bonuses, and commissions, you should contact an employer.

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