physician employment agreements

Standard Clauses in Physician Agreements - Patient Receipts

Patient Receipt Clauses – What do these look like?


(a) You agree that any checks or funds made payable or received by you for professional services rendered on behalf of the Practice during the Term of your employment hereunder shall be the exclusive property of the Practice and shall be promptly paid over or endorsed to the Practice for deposit in its account.

(b) You further agree that the Practice, or its designee, shall have the exclusive right to bill patients for the professional services rendered by you on behalf of the Practice hereunder and to collect all such fees for its own account. You agree to execute such other documents which may be necessary to effectuate the foregoing.

(c) You hereby authorize the Practice to endorse and deposit to its account any checks made payable to you on account of professional services rendered on behalf of the Practice during the Term of this Agreement and grant the Practice a limited power of attorney to effectuate the foregoing.

Patient Receipt Clauses – What do they mean?

These are fairly self-explanatory:  the practice is in charge of the billing and collecting.  Your job is to provide the best medical service you possibly can.  The practice is in charge of all decisions related to billing and collecting.

What this means for you, practically speaking is that you cannot make side-deals with patients.  You treat the patient, and the practice deals with billing.  If the practice wants to give someone a discount, that is their decision, if they want to be totally ruthless about billing and collections, that is their decision too. 

When it comes to money, you get your compensation and the practice deals with the rest.

Patient Receipt Clauses – What should I do?

There is really not much to do.  If you want more ownership of billing, you need to take greater ownership of your practice (which, is becoming increasingly rare in this age of massive, hospital-owned practices).  Of course, if you disagree with your employer’s practices you can always tell them as much and, if appropriate, change jobs (easier said than done, I know).

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