Should I Negotiate for Money or Benefits in My Severance?

This one is easy: Money!

I get it.  Benefits, especially medical benefits, are incredibly important.  But just because benefits are very important, that does not mean that you should focus on them when you negotiate your severance.  Instead, you should focus on money.  The reason for this is simple – benefits are something that you can purchase with the money that you negotiate for.

If you compare a month of salary versus the cost of medical insurance for that same period, you will typically see that the monthly salary is much higher and asking for more months of salary will be better for you than negotiating for benefits.

Moreover, unlike medical benefits, money is always useful.  For example, imagine that you negotiate for COBRA repayment for six months, but find a job in just two months, you’ve negotiated for two months of benefits that you did not even need.  If, however, you had negotiated for six months of salary, you could probably find a use for that extra cash, couldn’t you?

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