Deadline For Mandatory Sexual Harassment Training - October 9, 2019

New York requires employers to conduct sexual harassment training for its employees. Do not miss this deadline. We offer flat fee sexual harassment training. Avoid the fines, educate your workforce, and be smart! We have no nonsense transparent pricing - we will conduct a comprehensive, legally compliant training session, and follow up with certificates of completion for your company. We charge a flat fee of $1,000 (plus, if outside of Manhattan, travel costs), nothing more. No hidden fees, no bs. Just legally compliant training and a transparent no-nonsense price.

What If I Don’t Train My Employees By October 9, 2019?

Consider yourself a gambler since you could be subject to a misdemeanor and a $100 per employee penalty for the failure to comply with training.  Depending on the number of employees you have, this can add up quickly.  If you have multiple violations or other types of violations, the cost can go up as high as $500 per employee.  In the most extreme situations, an employer may even be subject to additional fines and imprisonment.[1]

But $100-$500 Per Employee Is Not the Only Cost . . .

If you fail to train your employees regarding sexual harassment, you leave yourself very vulnerable should you be sued for sexual harassment.  By failing to provide sexual harassment training, you make defending such an action much more difficult because you have disregarded an easy part of the law—helping your employees understand what sexual harassment is.  Plus, depending on the applicable law, you may lose certain defenses otherwise available to you. In a worst-case scenario, depending on the insurance you carry, your insurance carrier could challenge coverage to you since you did not comply with the law.  PLUS, all of this precedes whether or not there is actually an underlying violation of the sexual harassment law where damages may include an employee’s lost salary, compensation for emotional distress, punitive damage awards, and attorneys’ fees.

So, What Does This Training Need To Do?

The training must:

  • be interactive

  • include an explanation of sexual harassment consistent with guidance issued by the Department of Labor in consultation with the Division of Human Rights

  • include examples of conduct that would constitute unlawful sexual harassment

  • include information concerning the federal and state statutory provisions concerning sexual harassment and remedies available to victims of sexual harassment

  • include information concerning employees’ rights of redress and all available forums for adjudicating complaints

  • include information addressing conduct by supervisors and any additional responsibilities for such supervisors

How Can I Get Help From Your Firm?

If you would like to discuss your situation with us, please feel free to call or email us at any time. You will be on the phone with an attorney within 24 hours.


[1] See New York Labor Law § 213.