NY Severance Agreement Services

Do not sign a NY Severance Agreement until you have had an attorney review your agreement for you.  An attorney can help to explain the hidden legal ramifications to you, and negotiate you agreement to get you more money for you. Our NY Severance Agreement Services can help you to understand your NY Severance Agreement and, quite possibly, get more money. Don’t assume that you are receiving a "standard agreement" – there’s no such thing.  Every NY Severance Agreement is different, and you should have a NY Severance Agreement Attorney review your agreement, warn you of any pitfalls, and help to get you more money.

Take a look at your NY Severance Agreement.  Chances are it has a provision which states that you have been provided with adequate time to consult with a lawyer and/or that you waive your right to consult with a lawyer.   This provision is often placed in a NY Severance Agreement to shore up your NY Severance Agreement should you try to challenge it later.  That’s why it is critical that you contact one of our NY Severance Agreement Attorneys soon, to review your agreement for you.

Our NY Severance Agreement Attorneys have a proven track record of negotiating NY Severance Agreements and getting our clients more money, and better protections under their agreements.

Our NY Severance Agreement Attorneys offer two different types of NY Severance Agreement services regarding your NY Severance Agreement:

NY Severance Agreement Review and Analysis: Our NY Severance Agreement Attorneys will provide a comprehensive review of the severance agreement, conduct and in-person or telephone conference call to discuss in detail the severance agreement, what was included in the severance agreement that should not have been included, what was not included that you are entitled to or should be included to protect you, we will discuss the details surrounding your termination to confirm that you are not waiving a potential lawsuit, and we will provide you with changes to the specific language of the severance agreement.  We charge a flat-rate for this service.  We believe that the flat-rate is preferred by our clients because they know how much it will cost them versus an hourly rate that could cost much more than they anticipated. Your review and in-person meeting or telephone conference can be completed within 24 hours of you contacting the firm.

NY Severance Agreement Negotiation: We will provide the same items listed above and we will take charge of negotiating the severance agreement on your behalf.  We have had great success with negotiating additional severance for our clients.  We charge a flat-rate plus a percentage of the additional severance we recover for you for this service.

Please contact us about your NY Severance Agreement.