New York Pregnancy Leave - What Are Employees Entitled To?

In New York, pregnancy leave is not guaranteed by law.  Accordingly, there is no obligation for an employer to provide its employees with any amount of leave for pregnancy. In other words, there is no provision for New York Pregnancy Leave.  Unless the company has a policy of providing such leave, they are not required to do so by law.

Nevertheless, many employees are entitled to request up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave per year to care for a newborn child pursuant to the Family and Medical Leave Act.  For more information about such family or medical leave , please click on one of the articles below. A woman may also be entitled to disability benefits for the period of time that her doctor certifies that she is unable to work, up to 26 weeks. NY Work Comp Law sec. 201(9)(B).   

For more information:

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If you have any additional questions about New York pregnancy leave, please contact us for a free consultation.  Our experienced lawyers have many years helping pregnant families navigate through the often confusing waters of requesting - and taking - pregnancy leave.