Flat Fee Employment Law Forms

Whether you have been in business for generations or are just starting up, it is probably a good time to reevaluate your employment practices and forms.  We can help.  Our firm offers flat fee services to prepare some of the most important documents you need to successfully run a business and – perhaps more importantly to avoid expensive, time consuming and potentially devastating employment lawsuits.

Of course, many of the forms that we can prepare for a flat fee are available for free online.  But, as with anything you get for free online, you get what you pay for.  While you might get a good form, how do you know if the form you get online is not out of date or not compliant with the law in your state.  When you use our flat fee form services, you know you are getting an up-to-date, legally compliant form that we will custom-tailor to your unique business needs.

Below is a list of the forms that we can prepare for you on a flat fee basis:

  • Personnel Handbooks ($1,000-$1,500, depending on complexity)
  • Application Forms ($250)
  • Performance Improvement Plans ($250)
  • Offer Letters ($350)
  • Termination Letters ($350)
  • Severance Agreements ($500)
  • Restrictive Covenant Agreements ($500), including:
  •    Non-compete
  •    Non-solicit
  •    Non-disparagement
  •    Non-disclosure
  • Arbitration Agreements ($500)
  • Wage Payment Forms (legally mandated in New York) ($250)
  • Consent for Drug Testing ($350)
  • Consent for Background Checks ($350)

When you retain our firm to prepare your employment law forms, you automatically receive a two hour bank of consultation follow-up should any issues arise in the future.  When you purchase multiple forms at once, each additional document, after the first, is half price.  If you are making a large order, we can always work out a deal.  

We offer transparent pricing, extensive follow-up and your matter will be personally handled by one of our attorneys – we never pass off the work.  Contact us today to get started.