Can I Quit and Still Get Severance?

  • Can I quit and still get severance:  Short answer … technically, yes, you can quit and still get severance.

  • Can I quit and still get severance:  But … quitting makes it much harder to get severance.  The reason for this is that, technically speaking, in order to bring an employment lawsuit, one usually has to have suffered what is called an adverse employment action.

    • Adverse Employment Actions" include things like termination, suspension, demotion, and harassment.

    • However, if you quit, you’ve suffered job loss because of your own actions.  There is a major difference between you losing your job because you quit and you losing your job because your employer terminated you.  Essentially, when you quit, you have not suffered an adverse employment action at the hands of your employer, and your employer will not be nervous about being sued and therefore less likely to offer you a severance.

  • Can I quit and still get severance:  what should I doCall a lawyer!  If you call or e-mail us, you will speak to an attorney within 24 hours.  We have helped hundreds of clients who have reached a point where their employment is unbearable, but it does not make sense to quit.  We have helped these clients quit and get millions in severance on their way out.

    • How?  Honestly, it depends.  Sometimes, we contact the employer directly and work out a deal.  Other times we work with our client from behind the scenes and the employer never knows we are involved. 

    • Why?  Our goal is to get you paid.  We know the stress of job loss and how important a severance can be in easing your transition.  That is why we have worked so hard to recover millions of dollars in severance for our clients over the years.

    • Call or email today.  If you want to quit, but don’t think you can afford do to so, we may be able to help.  Speak to an experienced labor and employment attorney within 24 hours.